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Friends to Foster

An important part of our work at WPGSR is finding friends to foster. We are looking for people interested in taking German Shepherd dogs into their home who will provide a safe, loving environment. Most of these dogs have spent the majority of their lives undergoing neglect and abuse.

Many of them have only experienced living outside, even in harsh weather conditions. We really need your help and patience. As a foster family, you should plan to provide house training (if needed), basic obedience and social training, weekly reporting used for their forever home placement, and of course, lots of love. In return, you are rewarded with the knowledge that you have helped to forever change the life of a dog preparing and possibly accompanying them to their new forever home.

White Paws German Shepherd Rescue provides ALL medical care expenses (i.e. spay/neutering, shots, heartworm prevention meds, etc) and food expenses for fosters. If you’re in need of leashes, kennels and other items we may be able to help with some additional items upon request.

If you’re interested in fostering, please fill out our foster application here

WPGSR Fostering Process

  • Apply online at and receive an email confirming we have received your application.
  • Your application gets matched with an apps team volunteer for processing; they begin by reaching out to you.
  • The volunteer contacts your veterinarian (if applicable), your landlord (if applicable), and your references.
  • The volunteer asks for home visit photos or video.
  • The volunteer calls you to have a conversation about fostering with White Paws and answer any questions you may have.
  • Your application gets approved!
  • You receive an email with the WPGSR foster contract, are added to our fostering group  (where you will be able to choose which dogs you foster), and are assigned a foster buddy to help you navigate as you get started.

Please remember that you can’t move on to the next stage if the previous stage isn’t complete.  For example, we aren’t able to process your application if you are missing veterinarian information or reference names/contact info and this will prevent you from moving on to the Home Visit stage.


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