Donate to White Paws German Shepherd

It’s no secret.  Rescuing these big-hearted beauties is a big job. As a non-profit, we rely heavily on donations from people just like you. 

The costs begin as soon as we find our dogs. A lot of the time they desperately need medical care.  Donations are needed to help cover all of these bills. From emergency care to heartworm to all necessary vaccinations, we rely on the funds to do what needs to be done to help our rescues not only survive but thrive.

Cvv donation accepted too, can get direct via

It doesn’t stop there. Donations are also needed for supplies like crates and kennels. We want to give these beautiful dogs stability, consistency, and a feeling of safety. Don’t forget food, of course. It isn’t inexpensive feeding these gorgeous babies. We also need to make sure they have toys and treats, the little extra in life to make it worth living.

No amount is too small. Give however you can, as much as you would like. Feel good by showing your love to this beautiful breed with a donation. Contact us today.

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