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Ready to Add a German Shepherd
to Your Family?

We love Shepherds! All of our volunteers believe that German Shepherds are the cutest, sweetest breed ever. But, we have good news and bad news.

The bad news is that they aren’t for everyone. They can be high energy, demanding a lot of attention and exercise. They also “HERD” and protect. Moving objects such as small animals and small children are subject to being herded. If you are looking for a low energy, quiet dog, a GSD probably would not be a good fit.

Keeping that all in mind, the good news is that sharing your life with a shepherd can be very rewarding. A sensitive breed, they can sense emotions and act as calming caregivers to those they care about. GSD’s are natural family pack protectors and come to know and love those that you and your family love. When you give a shepherd a safe and loving home, they will thank you with loyalty and love beyond measure.

WPGSR Adoption Process

  • Apply online at or
  • Receive an email confirmation that we received your application.
  • Your application gets matched with an application team member.
  • That team member will reach out to you.
  • The application team member contacts your vet (if applicable), your landlord (if applicable), your references.
  • Home Visit (currently virtual home visits due to COVID).
  • Meet & Greet (our foster dogs only meet with Approved Adopters*). Prior to a Meet & Greet the human foster will directly contact you regarding their foster dog to ensure it’s a good fit.
  • Adoption can take place. Happy Tails to all! *Please remember that you can’t move on to the next stage if the previous stage isn’t complete (examples: we aren’t able to process your application if you are missing info/references and this will prevent you from moving on to the Meet & Greet stage if you did not complete the Home Visit stage).

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