About Us

White Paws German
Shepherd Rescue Mission

Our mission is to help ensure the welfare of all German Shepherd Dogs by rehabilitating and placing unwanted and abandoned German Shepherd Dogs from shelters and similar situations into new homes and providing education and guidance to new owners.

Since 2004, we’ve saved approximately 150-175 dogs a year from being put to sleep in shelters, most stray or abandoned by owners.  We take in dogs found in dumping grounds, owner surrenders, shelters and many other bad circumstances from 22 states in the Continental U.S.  We rescue young, old, and medically needy dogs.

White Paws German Shepherd Rescue is a licensed non-profit 501c3 organization founded by a small group of people dedicated to the German Shepherd Dog breed. All monies collected are put toward helping the dogs to find a better life.

We conduct home visits, coordinate training, transport dogs to and from the veterinary office, conduct fund-raisers and bring dogs to select locations so they can meet the public, and the public can meet them to see what a wonderful companion they truly are. We are working to educate the public about the German Shepherd Dog breed and also the importance of spaying/neutering to help keep the pet population under control.

We are one of the few rescues who will take in not only healthy, but sick and disabled dogs too.  We do not discriminate regarding health status or age of the dogs we take in. Many of our rescued dogs have eye disease, stomach issues, hip or knee problems, mange, heartworm, EPIMega-E, and a host of other issues. We do our utmost to treat them all for whatever ailments they suffer from (if any) and will only adopt a dog once it has been medically treated to the best of our veterinarian’s ability. Not all rescued dogs have health ailments.  We receive many dogs that are only in need of a great new family.

WPGSR Founder, Nancy De Moulin

“It takes a village to constantly keep on top of rescuing these animals, many of which have come to us from abuse or neglected situations. It’s been a joy to see this rescue grow since 2004. Today over 100+ volunteers work together to save 400+ dogs a year. Our passionate game changing volunteers and donors over the years have just inspired me to keep going and certainly have just warmed my heart. We would be nothing without our supportive team coordinating, transporting and ensuring these dogs are properly rescued and vetted before finding their forever homes. I’m SO very proud of our WPGSR team.”


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