Pono with Cindy and Phil

In August of 2013, Phil and I fell in love with an 8 month old White German Shepherd named “Xander”. We picked him up, in Chicago, and drove him back home to our Indiana home. From the very first minute, he met us…in our minds (and to this day….he is PERFECT).  Phil and I had lived in Hawaii for many years.  There is a Hawaiian word, “pono”. “Pono” means “do the right thing” or “righteousness”.  Xander fit that definition ideally and thus, we changed his name. (He didn’t seem to mind).  After 18 months, Phil and I needed to move to Los Angeles for 5 years (2 1/2 remaining).  The trip across country was a blast! Pono shared our SUV with us (his “two-leggers” and his cousins….two scarlet macaws, “Hakuna and Matata”. We resembled Noah’s Arc! Pono loves L.A. He enjoys the beach and ocean as well as his Agility Classes and an occasional “Dog Camp Day”. Our neighbors LOVE him…he is always so happy and adores every living thing.  My husband and I frequently say, “How did we get so lucky to find “Pono”–we don’t have the answer to that but we are forever grateful!

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