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2 hours ago

Game time! (There is no right or wrong answer)

If this boy were available to adopt, would you? Just a pup at 9-10 months old. Not done growing.

What do you think he's mixed with? GSD and... ?
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6 days ago

** Note from a veterinary ER nurse**

"Just a reminder, ibuprofen is NOT meant for use in dogs -for managing arthritis, or anything else!

This owner was told in a Facebook group it was safe to give, then brought the dog in for "bleeding from the mouth." Immediately after we brought the pet into the treatment area, he proceeded to vomit up this delicious, gelatinous nightmare...

Please feel free to share this. If it stops just one owner from self-medicating their pet, it'll be worth it.

If you want to share the fact that the dog lived (barely), but the bill was a hefty one, and we all know that usually drives a point home with owners, too."

****this was not posted to cause infighting amongst us animal lovers. It was intended to educate those who were unaware of the dangers of a specific medication when given to your dogs.

Please stop and take a moment before you bash or make hateful comments, name call or curse on this thread.

Remarks posted solely to take a jab at someone will be deleted by admin~
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1 week ago

Mama is a GSD, she refuses to kiss and tell who Daddy was.
We will be taking applications for when they're ready in a couple of weeks.
If you have any specific questions or preferences please include them in your application 😊
The kids are about 7 weeks old and will be staying in foster so we can get them their vetting/vaccines, chips etc and learn who is active vs less active.
Apps are found on
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