Medical Expenses

Medical Expenses

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Raised: $710 / $10,000
Campaign Duration: 1697 Days

White Paws German Shepherd Rescue in Green Bay, Wisconsin has rescued over 1,000 dogs during our lifetime. We are a 501(c)(3) non profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.


In that time, we have rarely needed funds like we do now. Because we take in young, old, and sick dogs with unknown medical conditions it’s a gamble each time we bring in dogs.


This year alone we have many dogs who need complete hip replacements, heartworm treatment, hip dysplasia surgery, and mange treatments. This doesn’t even include standard vetting of vaccines, neuters/spays and microchipping. All of our dogs are kept in the rescue until fully vetted and healthy. We stand behind all of our dogs and will not adopt out an animal until its healthy.


When we are called upon to help save a life we do so freely. Owners who have never medically treated their dogs and dumped them at shelters, abandoned dogs when people move, and stray dogs whose histories are unknown to us are all brought into the rescue.


Thank you!